Why FNS?

Dr. Koepper is board certified.

Dr. Koepper is an expert in neuropsychology and has received the highest level of training. She completed coursework and training in neuropsychology, including completion of accredited externship, internship, and two-year post-doctoral programs.  Dr. Koepper uses her knowledge, training, and experience to deliver the highest level of care to her patients.

Dr. Koepper conducts all evaluations in person.

Child development is not something that can be easily assessed via telehealth. While interviews with parents, educators, and providers can be conducted virtually, Dr. Koepper remains adamant that all testing be conducted in person.

Each patient is considered individually.

At FNS, each patient receives an individualized, yet comprehensive test battery based on his/her unique needs and development. 

Dr. Koepper provides same day answers.

It is hard to wait for results. In most instances, Dr. Koepper provides diagnostic and treatment answers immediately following evaluation.  Dr. Koepper believes that parents and patients themselves benefit from feedback about their learning profiles.

An evaluation at FNS does not automatically equate to a diagnosis.

Not every child meets diagnostic criteria for a disorder. In some instances, individuals assessed at FNS simply have strengths and weaknesses that require understanding and support.

FNS offers weekend appointments.

We know life can be chaotic. At FNS we offer weekend appointments through our Concierge Clinic for those families who require more flexibility, travel time, or discretion.