Lea S. McCarthy, MA

Lea joins FNS as a Psychometrist with over 15 years of training and experience in
academic testing, support, and tutoring. Lea is certified by the state of Florida as an
Exceptional Student Educator (ESE) for grades K-12, with an added Gifted
Endorsement. Lea spent nearly 10 years as a Learning Specialist in Florida elementary schools where she managed academic tests and screenings, evaluated student data, collaborated with teachers, and conducted small-group instruction.

After completing her Bachelor’s in Psychology, Lea earned her Master’s Degree in
Special Education from New York University. She is also a certified Wilson ®
Dyslexia Practitioner and has worked extensively with students who possess
language-based learning disabilities. 

As both a learning specialist and a mother, Lea offers her distinctive and
comprehensive experiences to her role at FNS. She has experienced the familial and
clinical sides of the evaluation process and can guide families and students through
the neuropsychological assessment. Lea’s empathy combined with her depth of
educational expertise positions her as an invaluable collaborator and mentor for FNS and its patients.