Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

    What is neuropsychological testing?

    Neuropsychology is the study of brain and behavior relationships. “Brain games,” including but not limited to block construction tasks, memory tasks, vocabulary tasks, and pencil and paper tasks are some core components of a neuropsychological evaluation. 

    Often neuropsychological evaluation is sought for children/adolescents to determine their individual strengths and weaknesses. Neuropsychological evaluation provides vital information about the root of a child’s difficulties to permit targeted support and evidence-based treatment planning. 

    Where are you located?

    Our office is located near beautiful Downtown Stuart at the recently renovated Royal Palm Financial Center – South on SE Federal Highway (Exit 101 on I-95). Free parking is available onsite. Our suite is located on the second floor. Family friendly restaurants and gas stations are conveniently located nearby. 

    What ages do you serve?

    At FNS we provide comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation for children (5 years and older), adolescents, and young adults. 

    What do I need to do before the evaluation?

    Prior to the evaluation, parent(s)/guardian(s) will be asked to complete several child history forms and remote questionnaires.  Remote teacher report forms and phone consultation with past or present treating clinicians (e.g., therapists, psychiatrists, etc.) may also be requested to allow Dr. Koepper to better understand your child across social, educational, and therapeutic environments. 

     A one-hour interview with Dr. Koepper is requested prior to or on the day of evaluation. This provides parent(s)/guardian(s) an opportunity to discuss their child or adolescent’s history and their concerns with Dr. Koepper in greater detail.

    What can I expect during an evaluation?


    On the day of evaluation, families are asked to arrive at 8:45am for check-in. Testing with your child will commence at approximately 9am. Testing will include several brain games, including memory games, educational games, and games of social thinking and problem solving. Breaks will be taken as needed.

    During testing, parents/guardian are asked to remain in our private and spacious family lounge. Free Wi-fi, snacks, coffee, and water are provided for your comfort.

    12pm: A lunch break is typically taken at noon for one hour. Children and families are welcome to step out of the office for lunch. 

    1pm-3pm: Dr. Koepper will commence testing with your child at 1pm for the afternoon testing session. The afternoon session is typically 1.5-2 hours in duration. The duration of the afternoon testing session depends on several factors including the child’s age, stamina, behavior, and referral question. At FNS, validity and reliability of test results is of the utmost importance. As a result, testing is sometimes broken down across two days for young children or children with lower stamina.

    3pm: It can be difficult to wait for results. We understand and aim to provide reassurance and confidence. At FNS, a one-hour feedback session with parents is conducted immediately following conclusion of testing. At that time, Dr. Koepper will review the results of testing including test scores, as well as any/all diagnostic findings and preliminary treatment recommendations.

    What happens after an evaluation?

    Your family will receive a full neuropsychological report approximately 4 weeks after the date of evaluation. The report will include a detailed history of your child’s development, as well as test scores, diagnostic findings, clinical impressions, and detailed treatment recommendations and referral information. 

    Do you accept insurance?

    FNS is out-of-network with all insurances. Full fee is expected at the date of services. Major credit cards, check and HSA are accepted. FNS is also an approved Provider by Step Up for Students for Family Empowerment Scholarship (formerly Gardiner). Payment plans are available on a case-by-case basis and must be discussed in advance with the Business Operations Manager.

    COVID-19 Policy

    FNS follows the guidance provided by the CDC as well as public school district mask policies. As CDC guidelines and policies are ever changing, we kindly ask that you contact our office for up-to-date information regarding FNS COVID-19 policies and procedures.

    Additional Questions?

    Should you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us: