Does my child have…

ADHD? Autism? Dyslexia? Anxiety?

Don’t wait, evaluate.

You have questions. At FNS, we have answers. 

How it works at FNS:

  • Step 1: Schedule an EVALUATION with Dr. Koepper
  • Step 2: Allow Dr. Koepper to IDENTIFY your child’s strengths & weaknesses
  • Step 3: Receive an evidence-based PLAN
  • Step 4: THRIVE

At FNS we offer specialized neuropsychological evaluation to help you understand your child’s brain and behavior.

Rooted in a compassionate approach, we combine evidenced-based practice with personalized care.

– Dr. Koepper

When we focus so much on all of life’s challenges, it can be difficult to open our eyes to view the big picture. How do we find a solution if we cannot first break down the problem, understand its parts, and identify a plan for resolution? Children and teens are consistently inconsistent.


Dr. Koepper is a Board-Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist and a Board Certified Subspecialist in Pediatric Neuropsychology.

“Thank you so much for all your incredible work …. I do not know how you give so much to people every day and still stay so incredibly beautiful inside and out….I am so very grateful for you guys. Thank you so much.”

“Dr. Koepper showed such compassion and understanding; it made the appointment so much less stressful. She is extremely knowledgeable and was a huge comfort.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely grateful for the amazing job you and Lea did to help [our daughter]. She said that she finally felt heard and understood. You have changed her life for better, and mine as well…Thank you so much for everything, you are amazing!”

“I just want to write you and thank you for such an awesome thoroughly written report!!!!”

“We think of you often and still fill up with so much gratitude and appreciation for our time with you. You brought so much clarity to us surrounding [Jane] and put us on the right path to address all her needs. We are forever grateful to you.”

“Thank you for an amazing feedback session Dr. Koepper! We really appreciate the time you took with us today. The entire evaluation and consultation process from intake to wrap up sessions was so well thought out and the attention to detail like no other. So lucky to have this resource in our community.”

“….[Our son] is THRIVING! He has had the most wonderful year! He is officially reading on grade level, he was honored with an award for Respect & Responsibility, and he bikes to and from school everyday by himself and usually stops at the park on the way home to hang out with friends. And he’s really happy. He loves school and is growing into himself beautifully. We are pinching ourselves and could not ask for more”

“I had an outstanding experience with Dr. Koepper. After my traumatic brain injury, she provided comprehensive neurological testing, carefully reviewed my lengthy medical reports and brain imaging, and expertly explained the details. Her ability to break down complex information and offer guidance for the future was invaluable….”

“She was beyond thorough and worked so well with him. Her report and feedback was the most helpful and comprehensive thing since seeking care for various doctors and therapists…”

“This is a long overdue note of thanks. I don’t think I ever circled back to tell you both that [John] started at school this fall and is in full swing… The insight about [school] that the two of you provided and some of the comparison/contrast with other schools as it relates to [John] helped me get comfortable with the decision to send him. I still reflect on my conversation with you, Lea… Now that we are here, I am so thankful that he is experiencing [this]… He is so happy and has made very nice friends. He is also doing very well academically… I should have slowed down sooner to fill you in, but please know that I am grateful for your candor, care and experience…”

“You unlocked the key to so many mysteries [John] had about himself and we had about him.”

Our team at FNS is passionate about helping families understand the “bigger picture,” that is understanding the way a child or adolescent brain functions to interpret the world around them. Understanding a child or adolescent’s unique perspective in life and learning is our mission as well as our passion.


At FNS we offer specialized neuropsychological evaluation to help you understand your child. We provide hope and encouragement to families by providing evidence-based information about their child’s development and a roadmap to their child’s individual needs.

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